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Janet League Katzin

Janet League Katzin

Janet League-Katzin, Chicago-born, former award-winning New York actress, is the Founder and Director of Sphatika International, LLC. Ms. League-Katzin was inspired to create The Sphatika Experience as a result of her personal journey to well-being. During her decade-long quest around the world, enriched by years of study and practice of Eastern spiritual philosophy, this experiential research led her to uncover effective natural ways for the body to heal.

Realizing the effects that lifestyle, environment, pollution, and lack of awareness can have on the system, Ms. League-Katzin conceived treatments based on Eastern ideology which incorporate modalities that allow the body to turn on its own natural healing mechanism. This initiated her vision to pioneer a path dedicated to offering this wisdom to others through a restful sleep spa treatment methodology.

“The Sphatika Experience is a restorative body, mind and spirit treatment designed to address the body’s need for deep profound rest in order to restore and rejuvenate, which only occurs when the parasympathetic system is engaged. What distinguishes Sphatika is the unique combination of profound restful sleep treatments, pure 100% natural botanical skin care, imbued with Elixir of Quartz Crystal®, and specially composed healing music, offered in a luxuriously exquisite and ecologically safe environment. Each protocol is created to detoxify, restore and rejuvenate the whole system, which in turn stimulates greater clarity and focus, higher creativity, and increased productivity. Our clients leave not only feeling, but looking calm and years younger.” says Janet League-Katzin.

Ms. League-Katzin’s experience of the benefits of high quality botanical ingredients and elements from the earth led to the creation of her line of 100% natural skincare products imbued with Elixir of Quartz Crystal®. The Royal Sphatika Spa at Columbus Circle was named one of the best spas in New York City by Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder Magazine. The new location on Madison Avenue is a pristine and beautiful crystal sanctuary inviting clients to enjoy a heightened awareness of their own inner radiance and enhanced well-being.

Mother of two beautiful daughters, Ms. League-Katzin is proud to be counted among those on the cutting edge of insuring the precious gift of well-being through natural means and ecology, for her children’s children and generations to come.

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