Sphatika is based on the awareness that the true nature of every individual is divine, radiant, and joyful. We honor and connect with that inner reality by offering the highest quality treatments and products possible. Through a unique combination of deep sleep, sacred elements from the earth and powerful natural healing modalities one experiences the body’s innate ability to repair, renew and rejuvenate itself.

    Our range of treatments to experience Sphatika offer holistic, sensory access to profound states of wellness. We incorporate the sleep-inducing power of music, the finest, luxuriously pure 100% natural botanical ingredients, the energetic support of Quartz Crystals, and unique service protocols by professional, highly-skilled, and extraordinarily caring treatment specialists to provide an exclusive, high-level holistic journey.

    Through the founder’s personal journey to wellness, Janet League-Katzin spent years searching for products and treatments that had a natural, beneficial impact on health and well-being while meeting her standards for purity and integrity.  Sphatika Spa treatments and Skincare products provide what she found to be missing in the course of her search.  The result is an extraordinary methodology and product line that delivers the next level in the evolving spa experience.

    Through this joyful and abundant offering, the radiance that we seek is released from within. When making an offering to the highest, one offers the highest possible.

    Janet League-Katzin
    Founder, Managing Director
    Sphatika International, LLC


    FGI Award


    Janet League-Katzin, founder of Sphatika, with Frederic Fekkai at the 13th Annual Fashion Group International (FGI) Rising Star Awards.
    © GettyImages.

    Founder Janet League-Katzin is the recipient of the 13th Annual Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in the “Beauty/Fragrance Entrepreneur” category.

    “The awards were created to recognize innovation and creativity and promote the career development of Rising Stars in the fashion and beauty industry” said Margaret Hayes, president, The Fashion Group. Each year FGI recognizes emerging talent in the areas of fashion, jewelry, beauty and interior design. Past award winners have included Tory Burch, Frederic Fekkai, Jason Wu and many other distinguished entrepreneurs.

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    Watch Janet League- Acceptance Speech

    Janet League-Katzin Acceptance Speech – 1.22.10 from Dubla Music on Vimeo