Helpful Hints

Replace the small plastic cap securely after each use to maintain product freshness.

Refrigerate to help preserve products that are less frequently used.

Add a little purified water for a lighter, personalized experience.

Shake bottle if pure natural ingredients appear to separate.

All products are highly concentrated and water-soluble.

Apply two drops of Gold Finishing Serum over your make-up during the day to refresh and brighten your complexion.

Add a little Vitamin A Night Crème to your foundation for a velvety smooth looking finish.

Citrus Foaming Gel is the perfect shaving gel for men. Follow with a light layer of Treatment Serum and Daily Moisturizer.

Use Citrus Foaming Gel to shave legs and underarms.

Treatment Serum can be used to soothe burns, sunburns, insect bites, minor skin irritations and inflammation.

Treatment Serum is also ideal for travel. Massage on neck and shoulders to relax and soothe muscles and let the aromatherapy enhance your in-flight experience.