The Royal Sphatika Gold & Platinum Crystal Singing Bowls

3 Hours

Experience with Cashmere Castor Oil pack

SPKA_INT_CRYSTALThis unique experience begins with a calming and nurturing lymphatic drainage massage. The subtle energy of quartz crystal combines with the pure sound of our gold and platinum crystal singing bowls, directing you to a state of rejuvenating sleep where the body systems can align and balance. Cashmere soaked with Castor Oil and Sphatika Hemp Body Oil calms the nervous system, aids digestion and allows deep relaxation and restoration of the abdominal organs and tissues. Our soothing, detoxifying steam copy and lymphatic drainage facial adds to this therapeutic experience.
You will first receive a crystal and have a moment to formulate an intention for your treatment. The crystal is for you to keep.
You then enjoy our Far Infrared sauna which gently and deeply penetrates the muscles, joints, and bones, easing stress and tension, and detoxifying from deep within the body. As the Sphatika® Healing Music Series plays in the background, worldly cares begin to dissolve.
In our treatment rooms, we use only nontoxic linen. You relax under an ayurvedic type of steam canopy during the treatment.


During the treatment, which covers the face and the body, our therapists use the 100% natural Sphatika skincare line.


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