Gold Finishing Serum The alchemy of pure liquid gold and rare plant extracts deliver this hydrating protective potion

The alchemy of pure liquid gold and Elixir of Quartz Crystal® deliver this hydrating and protective potion. Two drops, like magic, leave a radiant glow. Gently pat 2 or 3 drops on face and neck after Sphatika® Daily Moisturizer. Can go over make-up and be used as often as desired.

$215 | 30ml – 1 fl. oz.

Pearl Night Serum Pearl essence permeates this potion, by the phases of the moon, to produce the ultimate lustrous skin

Pearl essence permeates this potion by the phases of the moon to produce the ultimate lustrous look and feel. Smooth on a drop or two over Sphatika® Vitamin A Night Crème at bedtime. Sweet dreams!

$215 | 30ml – 1 fl. oz.

Treatment Serum A cooling makeup make-up primer with Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils to set foundation and help soothe skin irritations

This refreshing serum with antibacterial properties is a must have! Use as a facial mask or with two pumps as a make-up primer. It soothes and cools blemishes, burns, sunburns, mosquito bites, and a plethora of minor skin irritations. Use this unique solution of Essential Oils and natural emollients morning or evening after Sphatika® Cleanser and Sphatika® Toner. Follow with Sphatika® Daily Moisturizer or Sphatika® Vitamin A Night Crème.

$75 | 50ml – 1.7 fl. oz.