The Sphatika Experience

Balance is Beauty

Shanti-Loka_GoldWe believe in offering our clients more than just exquisite treatments and deep relaxation. Sphatika is dedicated to providing knowledge that enables one to make choices about environmental factors that contribute to vitality and well being. By having a direct experience of the body’s own powerful healing ability, clients often tell us that they are awakened to new possibilities and feel inspired to take better care of themselves.

The Sphatika Experience is a holistic, sensory approach to accessing ever greater states of wellness. We incorporate the healing power of music, the finest organic and naturally wild-crafted botanical skincare. The energetic support of quartz crystal and unique service protocols by professional, highly skilled and extraordinary, caring treatment specialists to provide an exclusive, high-level holistic experience.

Janet League Katzin’s Sphatika Skincare and Spa, an innovative crystal sanctuary, provides clients with luxurious rejuvenating and pampering treatments in a serene, intimate and ecologically pure environment. Every detail of The Sphatika Experience® is meticulously designed for you to feel pampered and relaxed.

The results of the treatments are significant in that they engage and stimulate the body’s own natural ability to rejuvenate and restore. Clients report they sleep better for nights after the treatment and feel the benefit of The Sphatika Experience® for days.