Sphatika Quality

A conscious “offering to the highest” infuses each element of our treatment protocols. From the products we use to the atmosphere in which they are administered. Each Signature Sphatika Experience includes superior quality natural elements, masterfully combined to promote deep relaxation and healing from within. In creating this unique experience we utilize:

  • The Power of Supportive Intention – Created by both the client and practitioner.
  • The Healing Power of Music – Created in the Shamanic tradition to deepen and amplify the treatment experience by our own composer Chaitanya Sheerin.
  • Kinetic Alignment – To balance energy stored in the body.
  • Quartz Crystals – Used in everything from our products to our treatment rooms; they provide powerful healing energy from the Earth.
  • A Holistic Approach – Draws upon the power of sound, smell, taste, touch and sight to provide an experience that is restorative to the mind, body and spirit.
  • Natural Ingredients – Our products are completely natural, utilizing only organically grown and wild-crafted ingredients. Bulgarian Rose, geranium leaf and frankincense are combined with an elixir of quartz crystal and other sacred ingredients. The products are designed to support and harmonize with the body.
  • Lymphatic Drainage – Key to cleansing the body.
  • Exceptional Care – Treatment specialists are certified in holistic modalities and subtle energy healing work.