Winter Holiday Trio

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Frankincense! Peppermint! and Gold! This festive trio evokes all that is mystical, magical, and light during the winter season.

The deeply penetrating hydration of our Moisture Mask, featuring Frankincense, alleviates facial and hand skin that has been bitten by cooler air. The enlivening essences of our Treatment Serum, featuring Peppermint, are not only uplifting for the spirits but almost-instantly healing for the skin. The luxurious warm finish of our Gold Serum, featuring liquid gold, makes you shimmer (not shiver!). With all three potent products, a little goes a long way and will last all season.

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The Winter Rescue Trio Collection includes:
1 Moisture Mask (75ml), 1 Treatment Serum (50ml), 1 Gold Finishing Serum (30ml)

Botanical Benefits & Ingredients:

See individual product descriptions for botanical benefits and a complete ingredients list. All products feature our exclusive Elixir of Quartz Crystal and our proprietary Essential Oil blends.

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