Gold Finishing Serum


Formulated with the high frequency of pure liquid gold, this superior botanical serum is the finishing touch that protects the skin from environmental stress and free-radical damage. This unique combination of rare ingredients is designed to firm and diminish the appearance of aging, as it uplifts the spirit and enhances the natural radiance of the skin. 

30ml (1 fl. oz) 

Skin Type 

All Skin Types. 


Two or three drops gently patted onto the face following cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Gold Finishing Serum may also be reapplied at any time during the day, even over make-up, to refresh and reawaken a healthy complexion.  

Botanical Benefits 

  • Liquid GoldPrized for centuries by worldwide cultures, gold as a skin treatment maintains collagen and stimulates cell renewal, creating firm & fresh skin. Luxuriously uplifts & enlivens the whole system. 
  • Algae: Conditioning and hydrating to rejuvenate, detoxify, & replenishes minerals. 
  • Bulgarian Rose Oil: Soothing and deeply hydrating, regenerating effect on cell tissue (anti-wrinkle), anti-inflammatory (anti-aging), and softens rougher complexions.   
  • Great Burnet: Anti-inflammatory. 
  • Hawthorne: Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant. Oxygenating to increase blood flow in facial tissue. 
  • Melissa: Soothing to the entire system. Anti-inflammatory. 
  • Rose Hip: Highly concentrated Vitamin C for brightening, adjusting pH, & removing toxins. 
  • Rose Geranium Leaf: Reducing inflammation, stimulating lymphatic circulation, & naturally smoothing skin.  
  • St. Johns WortAnti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory. 


Elixir of Quartz Crystal®, Sorbic Acid, Rose Hip Essential Oil, Organic Corn Alcohol, Hawthorne, Crocus Root, Glycerine, Great Burne, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, Aurum Potabile Liquid Gold, Melissa, White Clementine, Algae, St. Johns Wort, Rose, Geranium.

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