Sphatika Healing Music


The Sphatika Healing Music plays an integral role in holistic wellness by nourishing the senses in peaceful harmony. The exquisitely beautiful flute and piano compositions with sleep-inducing undertones enhance the healing experience by inspiring a serene, light and peaceful atmosphere.


“These flute and piano meditations are offerings of music as medicine. They are prayers created in the present moment, neither pre-composed nor pre-arranged. By listening to them, we can attune ourselves to the rhythm of the natural world and the world of spirit and experience, even if for a moment, the grace of the present, where all healing takes place.”

-Chaitanya Sheerin

Musician, Shamman


About the Composer, Chaitanya

Chaitanya is an apprentice in the living tradition of the Huichol shamans of Mexico. Through the practice of pilgrimage to sacred sites he has been initiated by the sacred fire into the mystery of music as prayer.


Chaitanya is trained as an acupuncturist and plant spirit medicine pratitioner. His deep interest in healing and the spiritual nature of music has insired him to the practice of music as medicine. Chaitanya feels that illness can be viewed as a state of being ouot of alignment with the Divine. The intention of this music is to provide a bridge to the heart, our divine connection.


All Selections composed, performed and produced by Chaitanya Sheerin/ Executive Producer: Prema Sheerin, Recorded May/June 2001/ By Steve Miles in Santa Barbara, CA/ Mastered by Russell Dawkins/ At Seaborne Studios, Victoris, B.C./ Cover Painting by Shane Conroy Ó / Fire Photo by Asha Mclaughlin / Mountain photo by Larry Messerman/ All Compositions Ó   2002 Scott Sheerin.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


Dedicated to the glory of the unstruck sound.

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